A company that was built by players for players – Champion Shuffleboard, Valley, Dynamo, Tornado and Connelly Billiards.

We believe our business is more than a manufacturer, it's a people business. That's why we build products that are preferred by our customers. We listen to our customers and our players and always strive to improve. Doing that has defined each of our companies and for more than 60years (some say 70 and others say more) and we'll keep doing it. We continue to look for ways to be better!

Each companies began with a passion for the game and that passion continues today. It's a passion for preserving our industry, building quality products and playing games - that passion is the reason we brought Valley, Dynamo, Tornado, Connelly and Champion all under one roof bringing the best of our best together. Building our tables and games IN TEXAS says a lot about our commitment quality and service! It gives us the ability to customize your table and your game room.

We understand that our tables create family experiences with lasting memories playing on our tables and competitor confidence competitors because we build quality in every product. And that quality products help our dealers, distributors and operators build their businesses.

Knowing this business is one of our advantage. We have employees who have been here since the beginning and are still building the products they helped design. We've brought more than 60 plus years of experience together: in manufacturing and have listened to the demands of the consumer to bring new products to market.

Connelly Billiards is an excellent brand and has always been built at a higher standard. Some say it's over built but I feel it's similar to Champion. Focused on what makes it the best! That makes them a great fit– they have beautifully crafted product and all of our products will benefit from some of their quality standards. We moved the Connelly manufacturing plant and some of the key personnel from Arizona to Texas and that has expanded our expertise.

Craig Connelly, fresh from Arizona State University, built a superior billiard table. It was a dream born during his college years when he met his school expenses manufacturing and delivering billiard tables for a mom and pop operation in Phoenix, Arizona. He worked diligently engineering and perfecting his ideas for a better table. In spite of pressures to make them faster and cheaper he refused to compromise which is the commitment we share in all of our companies. A Connelly table is structurally superior with thicker panels, stronger beams and wider rails. You'll see the quality built into every Connelly table. You'll see it the details. And you will definitely feel it when you play on a Connelly.